• After a half day of walking and eating Barcelona, the rooftop bar at Hotel 1898 was feeling quite comfortable in the mid-afternoon sun. There were times when watching the seagulls and staring off to the sea and mountains while sipping... more
  • We woke up at the crack of 8 am looking forward to a day without any reservations, or plans of any sort for that matter. It was a glorious morning and we decided to go check out Gaudi's Sagrada Família,... more
  • Ceviche is like the margarita of food: bright, acidic, crowd-pleasing, intoxicating, just exotic enough, simple to make, and perfect morning noon and night. It's also a super-fast and relatively inexpensive meal to pull together. I don't know about you, but... more
  • It wasn't my intention to eat many upscale meals in Barcelona. It certainly wasn't my intention to eat two upscale meals on the same day. But, that's how the reservations panned out on this particular Friday. After a wonderful lunch... more
  • I feel a bit Takei when I say "recommended by a fan." Confetti, in Piermont, NY, was "recommended by a reader." That doesn't sound much better. Anyway this fella was telling me all about their good pasta and that a... more

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