• I did promise the missus that I wouldn't subject her to any more marathon tasting menus after the last one, just as I did the one before that. And I lied. Rias de Galicia specializes in seafood and the cooking... more
  • Salt and Pepper shrimp is an addictive dish of deep-fried crispy shrimp, spicy peppers, salt, and ground pepper. One which can be made with no special skills or equipment or nuthin'. Just regular stuff from the supermarket. Many Chinese dishes... more
  • Over the course of my adult life, I've spent an inordinate amount of time at restaurants. A couple of times it has even been enjoyable. But it feels like I've seen more places run horribly than run well. Owners, managers... more
  • This lady tried to pin a flower on my chest. I mean she poked me with the damned thing. This picture, mind you, isn't of her initial approach. This is after she poked me, and after I had walked past... more
  • After a half day of walking and eating Barcelona, the rooftop bar at Hotel 1898 was feeling quite comfortable in the mid-afternoon sun. There were times when watching the seagulls and staring off to the sea and mountains while sipping... more

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